Erin Hawley is a law professor who loves being at home with her two small boys. As a speaker, she is passionate about encouraging moms and women generally to see in the sometimes difficult season of motherhood an invitation from God to become childlike. Using personal examples to bring scriptural truth to life, Erin inspires women to see themselves as God sees them: dearly beloved daughters with whom the Lord is well pleased. Erin is a frequent radio guest and has taught at women’s groups, women’s retreats, and legal conferences.

Topics include:

Bold Prayers — Small children do not hesitate to ask for the moon (literally). They do not hesitate to ask for the big things in life, or the small. They are remarkably persistent and they ask for things regardless of whether they say things the right way. Children show us how to view prayer as a conversation–one in which we can comfortably ask our Father God for the big things and the small and hwere he desires to hear our hearts, not any particular word of phrase.

Living Beloved — Children live out of a place of intimacy and connection. God the Father invites us to live out of that same place of identity. He assures us that we are beloved daughters.

Authenticity — Children show us that relationships blossom when we acknowledge our mistakes and insufficiencies. They teach us that real relationship depends upon authenticity— and that God not only wants to hear from us but can handle our rawest emotions. Jesus wants a relationship with us. And that means bringing everything to His feet—our failures, your questions, and even your doubts—just as a child would.

Living Praise — We praise and glorify God as we, like a small child, take pleasure in our design, our unique personalities, our giftings, and our strengths. When the whole of our lives is offered to God, we can worship Him and bring Him glory through our every action. As we do so, the very calling of motherhood becomes praise. Each and every moment placed before God is an offering. And make no mistake: This offering of everyday life is just as pleasing to the Lord as a well-attended sermon or worship service.

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