Living Beloved

Caring for your little ones is exhausting. Chances are you’ve had plenty of times when your memory is foggy, your patience is fraying, and you long for a good night’s sleep and a peaceful shower. So if you also long for refreshing times with the Lord, what do you do? During author Erin Hawley’s difficult transition to motherhood, God provided her with spiritual nourishment from a surprising place—her own children. As she studied how her toddlers related to her with trust, transparency, joy, boldness, and the other hallmark characteristics of being childlike, she learned to see her relationship with God the Father in a whole new way. And now God is inviting you to see Him in a new way, too. Filled with biblical insights, the author’s honest stories, and thoughtful reflection questions, this encouraging book will nourish your soul as you nourish your children. Let the lessons of Living Beloved show you what it really means to live as God’s beloved child.

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What others are saying about Living Beloved

If you are a mom with young children, put this book by your Bible and read it! If you are a mentor of young moms, use this book in a study with them. With humor and honesty, Hawley gives us a treasure chest full of new insights about God’s personal love, a fresh awareness of what our children can teach us, and the sweet companionship of a “friend who gets me!
Susan Alexander Yates

Speaker and author of And Then I Had Kids: Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children

If you’re looking for a book on parenting with a young mother sharing her clichéd precious moments, this is not it. Erin honestly reveals her own struggles as a Christian and as a parent. But this is not really a book about parenting as much as it is a book about child-ing. Filled with personal stories and insightful research, Erin’s intelligent writing style captures deep theological truths that will transform how you think of God as your Father. And with excellent reflection questions at the end of each chapter, it will enable deeper discussions for any small group or even two friends over a meal or drink. Although written particularly to young mothers, as a pastor I recommend this book for everyone. I wish my entire congregation would read it. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or well-versed in biblical knowledge, here is a really really good book you’ll be glad you read.
Dave Cover

Co-Lead Pastor of the Crossing Church

By the end of the first page of Living Beloved, I was breathing a sigh of relief and solace: this is a safe place. There are no comparisons here, or expectations, only an opportunity to find rest and identity in God’s grace. Erin weaves the stories of childhood and motherhood truthfully, inviting us tired mamas to remember that we are children, perfectly loved and nurtured by the parent-heart of God.
Catherine McNiel

Author of Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline

So many of us are moving through this life in “survival mode,” just trying our hardest to make it through each day. We’ve become a generation of do-it-all moms, multitaskers to the max. What a beautiful reminder Erin Hawley has given us to pause, ponder, rest, and purposefully recognize the numerous lessons the Lord wants to reveal to us about Himself and His steadfast love through our children and motherhood.
Julie Manning

Author of My Heart

As a working mom of three, I often find myself measuring my worth by how much I accomplish in a day, a week, or even a year at work, at home, and in my kids’ lives. It can be exhausting. Hawley’s touching personal stories and keen observations as both mother and child, along with theologically-rich teaching about God’s great love for us in Christ, forced me to take a deep breath and remember what it’s like to be a child. Not just any child, but a beloved daughter of our good Father in heaven. Resting secure—not working harder—in our relationship with Him changes everything. I need to read this book once a year.
Rachel Tiemeyer

Author of Freezer to Table and the Thriving Home Blog

Motherhood is a divine classroom where God teaches mothers about Himself while moms teach their children about God. Author Erin Hawley is an attentive student, plumbing the joys of what it means for us to be dearly beloved children of the living God. With grace and gentleness, insights and discovery, Living Beloved invites mothers to enter into the Sabbath of being beloved. Share this sweet gift with the mothers in your circle of influence.
PeggySue Wells

Mom of seven and bestselling author of 28 titles, including Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries (with June Hunt)

I believe this beautiful book has the potential to change your life—as it carries a powerful message, not only for mothers, but for every girl with a desire to grow in their understanding of God’s amazing love for them.
Debbie Lindell

Lead pastor of James River Church and author of She Believes

The longer I journey with Christ, the more I value the words of those who not only have learned to hear Jesus’ voice through the Scriptures, but have also been tutored to know His presence in and through suffering. Such voices are few and far between in our age and Erin Hawley can be counted among them. In Living Beloved Erin writes about parenting from a deep experience of God’s redemptive work in her own heart. Through her story, Erin invites you to learn how to listen to your own children and have them be your best teachers. Parenting is not just hard – it’s impossible! So, read this book for more than just answers. Read it for more of God’s life giving grace.
John Tinnin, M.A. MFT, M. DIV.

Director of Counseling, The Crossing, Columbia, MO

Parents bear the enormous responsibility of forming their children in the ways of God. But Erin Hawley’s genius book Living Beloved inverts the relationship and asks what parents can learn from their children about God’s love for them. The result is a tender and thoughtful depiction of the gladness and joy at the heart of the parent-child relationship, which will leave parents feeling refreshed for their task.
Matt Anderson

Author of Earthen Vessels

As easily titled, With Christ in the School of Motherhood, Erin’s reflections on childhood invite us into a faith that is curious, bold, and full of joy. Her engaging stories and apt illustrations remind readers of just how often mundane moments hold glorious truths. Whether you’re a tired parent or simply longing for the carefree days of childhood, Living Beloved will grant you renewed perspective on why Jesus calls you to come to His kingdom as a little child—and why God invites you to know Him as Father.
Hannah Anderson

Author of Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul

In a gentle, kind, full-of-biblical wisdom voice, Erin Hawley talks candidly of growing up with an alcoholic father. She also beautifully portrays the way motherhood surprised her by opening her eyes and heart to know God’s deep, deep father-love.
Afton Rorvik

Author of Storm Sisters: Friends for All Seasons